Learn more about our Original Specialties product line & programs.

What is Original Specialties?

Original Specialties is a collection of our most popular and profitable items featuring your artwork, photograph or logo.  These items are produced in quantity based on your needs and particular specifications.

What is the difference between a Standard Program and a Campaign Program?

In the Standard Program orders are placed up front for the product and quantity of each product you wish to order.  In the Campaign, the program is promoted first, orders are taken from students/parents, and then a final order for the total is placed with Original Works.  In the Campaign, Original Works also provides complimentary marketing materials to assist in promoting the program.  Contact a Sales Representative for complete details.

What type of profit can I expect to earn?

Profits typically range from 33% – 50%.  However, since you set the final retail pricing you can control your profit.

Is there a charge for setup or for color?

If no image enhancements/modifications are required, then there are typically no setup charges.  In addition, there are no upfront charges and no charges for color.

What is the typical turnaround time?

Orders are produced in 10 business days or less and are shipped directly to your school or organization.  Shipping is free.

How are images submitted?

You may submit your image or images via hard copy or in digital format.  Click here for complete details.